New Years Resolutions

I’ve never been one to think long and hard about New Year’s Resolutions- whenever my mom would question me about how I planned on improving myself, I’d usually just list some basic “do well in school” and “try my hardest in everything I do.” However, after completing my first semester at college, I knew I needed a reality check, and what better time to start than New Year’s 2017.

After being held captive in a Catholic High School, I think it’s natural for my classmates and I to go a little crazy with curiosity when experiencing the freedom and accessibility that college offers. Although it was fun, I figured that I needed to pull back a little and focus on what college is really about, which is when I made my New Year’s Resolutions. The first four go hand-in-hand.

  1. Lose 10 pounds- yes, it’s very cliche, but the Freshman 15 is real, especially when you happen to have unlimited meal swipes and go to school where some of the best food in the world is made- New Orleans.
  2. Work out/ take a walk at least once a week- I never thought I would miss sports practice after school, but the truth is I do. I get more work done after exercising, feel better about myself, and I always had a happier disposition when I was playing a sport.
  3. Focusing on a healthy and positive body image- I’ve always been one to struggle with self confidence, always comparing myself to the incomparable, but that is going to change this year- my goal is to understand my worth and be confident with myself and my decisions.
  4. Clearer skin- personally, I have struggled with acne since I was in the sixth grade. I’ve tried everything from dermatologist prescriptions to homemade Pinterest remedies, and nothing has ever worked. A healthy diet is supposed to contribute to the health of your skin.
  5. Be a nicer person- go out of my way to say hi to my friends at school, be friendly to those I’m not close with, be kinder to my siblings and parents, and be a more helpful person. Ultimately, I hope to gain respect from others and from myself through this goal.
  6. Focus more on school work- although I did work hard last semester, I probably could’ve worked harder and had better results, which is why I am making it a goal to focus more on school and a little less on my social life.
  7. Practice photography- for christmas, I received a really nice Nikon camera. In New Orleans, there are tons of cool, unique, and interesting sites that I could photograph, perfecting my skills.
  8. Start a blog and write once a week- honestly, I’ve always dreamed of being an author, either of the next fantastic fictional teen novel or of a travel blog. In order for either of those things to become a reality, I decided it was best to start small and get some practice in before taking the next step.

It’s impossible to expect all of these resolutions to become reality, but that isn’t going to stop me from working my hardest to get closer to achieving my goals.